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$4M program to recruit 67 students to "Study North"

$4M program to recruit 67 students to “Study North”

6 Northern Ontario colleges collaborate on market research, marketing materials, a microsite,... Read more

Virtual Reality admission letters from USC

Accepted applicants to the University of Southern California Iovine & Young Innovation Academy... Read more

Club Lassonde

Prospective Engineers can join York's "Club Lassonde" for exclusive perks and info. Read more

Click-thru Ads in Music Apps

Memorial University's 2013 recruitment campaign included Google AdWords, social media, and display ads within a music app. Read more

Real-Time Video Chat to Campus

StFX set up a giant video wall outside the Ontario Universities Fair, with live video chats to campus. Read more

Bring the Campus to the Fair

Laurentian transformed its seminar room into a recreation of campus and attracted almost 20 times as many prospective students! Read more

Rant Like Rick

For 4 years, Memorial University invited students to "Rant Like Rick" Mercer to win thousands off tuition. Read more

Personalized Viewbooks

uOttawa will print you a custom viewbook, with the cover, programs, and activities of your choice. Read more

Wilkes Wants You!

Tiny Wilkes University spends $100,000+ to recruit each student in this memorable campaign. Read more

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