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Microsoft acquires LinkedIn for $26 B

Microsoft acquires LinkedIn for $26 Billion

Expect integration of LinkedIn and MS Office/Outlook, more resources for online training,... Read more

Blackboard partners with IBM Watson

Blackboard partners with IBM Watson

IBM, Blackboard sign a strategic partnership: IBM will host worldwide data centres for Blackboard,... Read more

Rihanna launches international scholarships

Rihanna launches international scholarships

Grammy winner’s Clara Lionel Foundation (named for her grandparents) will cover tuition up to... Read more

AI Tutor at Georgia Tech passes the Turing test

AI Tutor at Georgia Tech passes the Turing test

“Jill Watson” was 1 of 9 teaching assistants in an online grad course in Artificial... Read more

Affordable “Nano Suites” coming to UBC by 2019

Bed, desk, bathroom and kitchen in just 140 square feet, for $700 a month.  UBC will build 70 of... Read more

UC Irvine launches varsity e-sports

The University of California Irvine announces a state-of-the-art arena of gaming PCs, live... Read more

Employment Guarantee

The uRegina Guarantee promises students employment within 6 months, and encourages the use of student services. Read more

Student Services Street

UNBC brings together a wide range of student services under one roof as "Student Services Street." Read more

One-Stop Service Centre

uCalgary created a one-stop "Service Stop" to integrate a range of offices in Student & Enrolment Services. Read more

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