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Higher Ed Hijinks 2017

In this special double-episode of Ten with Ken, we shares hilarious highlights from last year’s April Fool’s Day around the world. If you’re curious, looking for laughs, or seeking inspiration for your own pranks this April, check out the collection! Read more

Microsoft acquires LinkedIn for $26 B

Microsoft acquires LinkedIn for $26 Billion

Expect integration of LinkedIn and MS Office/Outlook, more resources for online training,... Read more

Pokémon GO popularizes augmented reality

Pokémon GO popularizes augmented reality

Nintendo’s Pokémon GO hits 21 million active daily users, the biggest mobile game in... Read more

Triple MOOC engagement via Facebook Groups

Triple MOOC engagement via Facebook Groups

A new study finds that MOOC students are almost three times as engaged, much longer pre- and... Read more

Unfortunate acronyms for new ASSLaw / ASSOL

Unfortunate acronyms for new ASSLaw / ASSOL

Virginia’s George Mason University quickly adjusts the new name for its Antonin Scalia School... Read more

"Inhumane resources" brochure for adjunct jobs

“Inhumane resources” brochure for adjunct jobs

Adjunct faculty at California’s Cerritos College protest the lack of a contract with a parody... Read more

Click-thru Ads in Music Apps

Memorial University's 2013 recruitment campaign included Google AdWords, social media, and display ads within a music app. Read more

Recruitment Music Videos

Yale, Delaware, and McGill have launched flashy music videos to send a recruitment message. Read more

Rant Like Rick

For 4 years, Memorial University invited students to "Rant Like Rick" Mercer to win thousands off tuition. Read more

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