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Ken Steele‘s almost-weekly video podcast, Ten with Ken, is a dynamic visual exploration of the issues that really matter to forward-thinking higher education leaders, from new technologies, student trends, politics and controversies to recruitment marketing and institutional brand strategy. Check out the episodes below, and please subscribe here!

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Towards 2028: Classrooms & Technology

10K Interviews

Innovation at Windsor: Alan Wildeman  Innovation at Waterloo: Cathy Newell Kelly  Innovation at Laurentian: Pierre Zundel  Innovation at OCAD: 3 Qs with Sara Diamond  Innovation at Queen's: 3 Qs with Benoit-Antoine Bacon  Innovation at Carleton: 3 Qs with Janice O'Farrell  Innovation at Trent: 3 Qs with Leo Groarke  Innovation at Lakehead: 3 Qs with Brian Stevenson  Innovation at Algoma: 3 Qs with Celia Ross  Innovation at Nipissing: Mike DeGagné  Innovation at Brock: 3 Qs with Thomas Dunk


The Higher Ed Innovation Spectrum  9 Forces for Change in Higher Education  How to Spark Innovation - Part 1  How to Spark Innovation - Part 2  How to Spark Innovation - Part 3  Innovation: Waterloo's Velocity  Preserving Your Youth: Acorn Cryotech  Assessing Student Competencies: Sesame  Improving Mental Health Response: HealthIM  Reading Beyond Dementia: Marlena Books  

Towards 2028

Towards 2028: Classrooms & Technology

Teaching & Learning

Death of Lecture  Active Learning  Experiential Learning  Incubators & Accelerators  eTexts & Open Textbooks  The Latest MOOC Developments

Evolving Students

Evolving to Serve 21st Century Learners  Rise of Part-Time & Commuter Students  Adapting to Serve Part-Time Students  Evolving Student Residences  Sleep Deprivation  Sexy Scholarships & Rankings  Gender Equity on Campus

PR Headaches

2016 Headaches II: Pronouns & Poets  2016 Headaches I: Budgets & Bunnies  Higher Ed Headaches of 2015 (Part 1)   Higher Ed Headaches of 2015 (Part 2)  Higher Ed Headaches of 2014 (Part 1)  Higher Ed Headaches of 2014 (Part 2)  Higher Ed Headaches of 2014 (Part 3)

The Year in Review

2016 in 6 words (part 1)  2016 in 6 words: Populism, Protectionism, and Post-Truth  2016 in 6 Words: For-Profit Fortunes  Top Ten PSE Trends (Part 1) (15 min)  Top Ten PSE Trends (Part 2) (18 min)

Big Picture Trends

Trends in Campus Construction  Adjunct & Contingent Faculty  The Future of the Labour Market  LinkedIn's Plans for World Domination  Trends in New University Programs

Social Media

2017 Ten with Ken Holiday Special - Part 1  Naughty or Nice Carpools and Carolling!  Satire & Sentiment  2017 April Fool's Special!  2016 Holiday Special  #ICYMI: Mannequins, Memorial & More!  Social Media: Back to School 2016  Sexism Winners & Sinners (6 min)  O-Week Winners & Sinners (7 min)  News, Safety, and a Dog's Eye View of Campus  Ten Kinds of April Foolery - 25 mins  Recent PSE Holiday Greeting Videos (Part 1)  Recent PSE Holiday Greeting Videos (Part 2)

College & University Fairs

OUF 2016: Why Go to the University Fair?  OUF 2016: What's New in Recruitment Marketing?  ep34-oufadviceprog-play  ep35-oufadviceuniv-play  Trends in New University Programs  Evolving to Serve 21st Century Learners  Trends in Campus Construction  2015 Ontario Universities' Fair - History, Students, Questions  Bringing the Campus to OUF  What's Hot at Ontario Universities?  2013 Ontario Universities' Fair  2013 Ontario College Information Fair

Brand Chemistry

Brand Chemistry 101  Brand Identity Trends  Committee-Proof Visual Identities  World's Best Rebrands (Part 1)  World's Best Rebrands - part 2  Branding Misfires - Part 1  Branding Misfires part 2  Cautionary Branding Tales & Cautious Rebrandings  Bold New Brands of 2015  New Names & Nicknames in 2015 PSE Branding  2007-8 College Rebrandings  2009 College Rebrandings  2010 College Rebrandings  2012 College Rebrandings  2013 College Rebrandings  2014 College Rebrandings  Trends in College Logo Designs  New University Brands  Christian College Brands


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