Virtual Keynotes

For years, clients have asked whether it’s possible to deliver a presentation or keynote remotely, usually to save on travel costs. Until now, platforms like Skype or Webex have been too unreliable, expensive, or limited in their ability to truly reproduce Ken’s presentation style — rapid-fire visuals, video clips, dynamic music, real-time polls and audience interaction. But now, Eduvation uses the Zoom platform to allow Ken to deliver roundtable discussions, workshops or keynote presentations with almost as much flexibility as he has in person!  (Watch the video above for a demonstration of the software in action.) 

You can connect up to 700 individual users, groups, or lecture theatres full of participants simultaneously, so satellite campuses and remote users can feel equally connected and involved. The costs for Ken to customize and deliver a presentation virtually are a fraction of his usual per diem fees, and better yet, you save thousands of dollars in air and ground transportation, accommodation and meals! (As a result, a keynote can cost just one-third of the usual total for a live presentation.)

Few speakers can engage the full spectrum of higher education stakeholders like Ken Steele. Every year he delivers hundreds of campus presentations and workshops that synthesize a vast array of up-to-the-moment research data, trends, news and forecasts, dynamic visuals and media clips, real-time audience polls, strategic insight and humour. Ken’s lateral perspective never fails to spark innovative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking.

Check out the A/V and IT requirements for a virtual session here.

For More Information

Contact Ken directly to inquire about his availability, ideas, and rates.  Speaking fees are outlined here.  (Many institutions achieve optimum value by combining PD presentations with presentations to boards, leadership teams, marketing or enrolment committees on the same day.)


Phil Ker

“Great job, Ken – a fantastic start to the year for us, and not a hitch with the [Virtual Keynote] technology.  The feedback was fantastic – staff appreciated the delivery as well as the content, so objectives fulfilled on both counts!”

Phil Ker, Chief Executive, Otago Polytechnic (New Zealand)

“Ken’s presentations are informative, engaging, thought provoking and full of the latest trends and issues impacting the Canadian postsecondary landscape. Most appreciated is the energy he invests in understanding his audience to ensure he delivers a presentation that is relevant and customized to the particular needs of the group.”

Deborah Dunbar, Director Organizational & Staff Development, George Brown College

If you are lucky, every now and then you may have an opportunity to witness real mastery. Ken Steele provided this opportunity in a masterful, thought provoking presentation. He has a unique ability to transform data into a riveting, visually pleasing story that has big and lasting impact.

Eileen De Courcy, Director, Professional Development, Humber College

Sharon Carry

“We choose to have Ken come back time and again because every time he is on campus he inspires our people to innovate. Still every visit is fresh. Staff are delighted to see the Canadian post-secondary system reflected in Ken’s presentations – a rare treat for those who have become accustomed to going south for inspiration. Even those who have heard Ken before walk away with something new to apply to their own work. Also, Ken has been very thoughtful about tailoring the materials to our particular needs at Bow Valley College.”

Sharon Carry, President & CEO, Bow Valley College


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