AV and Tech Requirements


Ken makes extensive use of visuals and video clips in his presentations, so for live presentations he insists on using his own MacBook Pro. Please provide one or more data projectors or large-screen monitors, and a VGA cable. (Ken will bring an Apple-VGA adaptor).  While the laptop has an HDMI port, this is less ideal because it usually makes it very difficult to control output audio levels. Also please provide audio amplification for his laptop, and a wireless lapel or lavalier mic for Ken (to preserve his voice). For best results, the screen(s) should be positioned where ambient lighting will not make it difficult for the audience to discern graphs and video clips.

Distance Delivery

If you are planning a virtual keynote or presentation, see the technical requirements here.

Video Recording

Some campuses choose to video record or simulcast Ken’s presentations, and this is permitted so long as video and/or slides are not posted publicly on the web, and a copy of event video is provided to Eduvation on DVD or as a downloadable link.


Ken will provide a PDF of his slides after the event, which can be distributed to participants or others within your institution, but must not be posted publicly on the web. It will incorporate the results of any real-time polling done with your group, and web URLs to source video and other materials referenced in the presentation.

Workshop Logistics

Typically more interactive sessions work best with participants seated in “half rounds” at tables of 5 to 8 people.  Depending on the agenda and exercises, it is often useful for each table to have a flip chart and stand, markers and 50-100 square 3×3″ post-it notes.  When we are using flip charts, typically a roll of masking tape is also essential, unless the flip charts have self-adhesive pages.  In a room with more than 5 tables, it is usually also important to have at least one wireless handheld mic for participants to use when asking questions, or reporting in after a table discussion.


Ken usually makes use of PollEverywhere to make keynotes and workshops more interactive for participants.  To use this software, Ken will require wifi or wired internet access, either through a public network or using a guest ID and password for the day. Participants should be encouraged to bring a smartphone, tablet, laptop or even a “dumb phone” with SMS texting capability.


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