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Marketing and Communications are continually evolving as social media platforms explode and implode, web standards and best practices emerge, media landscapes transform, and remarkable new marketing automation and generative AI tools go mainstream. And in the world of higher education marcom specifically, add in the complexities of international markets, campus and provincial politics, incredibly tight budgets, talent attraction and retention challenges, and ever-changing attitudes and behaviours of new youth cohorts every year!

Engage with a supportive community of your peers, facilitated personally by Ken Steele, for networking, advice, professional development, and a growing range of resources.

Since the first Zoom gathering of a half-dozen colleagues in early 2017, more than a hundred marcom leaders at Canadian colleges, universities and polytechnics from coast to coast have joined in overlapping virtual communities, or “Circles.” They’ve engaged in quarterly Zoom meetings, email discussions and online chats, exchanged org charts and marketing samples, compared notes on vendors and platforms, and shared generously of their experiences and expertise. They’ve even gathered in person for several two-day “Summits” packed with formal and informal learning opportunities.

Eduvation Circles takes interaction up a notch!

In 2022, the marcom roundtables made the leap to a dynamic new platform, Eduvation Circles, which allows for threaded conversations, private chat, realtime news feeds, extensive resource collections and livestream events. Members can interact with their own group of peers, and across other overlapping circles too – and can configure daily email notifications, or pop-up notifications via web browser or a dedicated mobile app (for iOS or Android). The whole community and its wealth of knowledge is at your fingertips, 24/7, indexed and searchable.

Membership in the MC Circle gives you access to the full community of marcom leaders, managers and front-line professionals from colleges and universities across Canada. (We’re open to international PSE marcom practitioners too, btw.) Benefits include:

  • Curated realtime News & Trends from Ken Steele
  • Insider access to exclusive lectures and discussion papers
  • Exclusive Livestreams and Zoom discussions on marcom topics
  • Threaded Chat and Polls with the broader community
  • Daily reviews of PSE videos from around the world, #ICYMI
  • Access to a Video Vault of 400+ notable videos

Join for $45/month today, and get a no-obligation 3-month free trial!


Senior marcom leaders can join the CMO Circle, giving you access to the full offerings of the MC Circle (above), plus a smaller community of senior marcom leaders concerned with budget, strategy, management and policy issues.

  • Full access to the MarCom Circle benefits (above)
  • Private CMO threaded Chat, Polls, and discussion
  • Quarterly Zoom discussions exclusive to CMOs
  • Access to a growing collection of MarCom Org Charts
  • Opportunity to attend in-person CMO Summits

Join for $150/month today, and get a no-obligation 2-month free trial!


Institutional Memberships

Instead of monthly per-person subscriptions by credit card, most colleges and universities join the CMO Roundtable with an institutional membership, billed annually. This package includes up to 5 members in the CMO Circle (or just the MC Circle, as you see fit), for $3,400 Cdn, plus GST. Compared to 5 individual subscriptions ($9,000/yr), that’s a 60% discount! (The individual memberships are also transferable to alternate contacts or new hires within the institution, of course.)

Institutional CMO members can also purchase additional MC Circle seats, to provide networking, support and PD opportunities to a larger number of intermediate marcom managers, team members, and even decentralized campus communicators across the institution. (Think of the MC Circle as a sort of “CMO junior” for your broader team!)

Person/Yr Person/Mo Discount
1-5 CMO or MC members Included $57 60%
6-10 MC members $300 ea $25 45%
11-20 MC members $240 ea $20 55%
21-30 MC members $220 ea $18 60%
31-40 MC members $190 ea $16 65%
41+ MC members $170 ea $14 70%


To discuss Institutional CMO membership, please reach out anytime:

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