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Recent Student Services Ideas

Cambrian Bucks

Cambrian College encourages PSE participation by offering at-risk youth up to $5,000 in "Cambrian Bucks." Read more

“Animal House”

Mount Allison's pet-friendly residence finds homes for orphan animals and creates a warm environment for students. Read more

Space for Commuter Students

UBC Okanagan has 3 "collegia" spaces for commuter students to make themselves at home. Read more

Graduation Guarantee

uCalgary guarantees undergrad students will graduate in 4 years, and won't be delayed by course availability. Read more

Elite Scholar’s Academy

uCalgary has an elite cohort of top-achieving students with unusual perks, from tartan scarves to a private lounge. Read more

Personal Enrolment Service

UBC has staffed up in enrolment services to provide every undergrad with a dedicated contact person. Read more

Men’s Centre on Campus

SFU's student society makes waves by funding a new Men's Centre on campus. Read more

Yale Digital Commons

Yale University plans to digitize its library, museum and archive collections and provide free access online. Read more

Unwind Your Mind

uAlberta boosts student mental health during exam times with the "Unwind Your Mind" campaign. Read more

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