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Graduation Guarantee

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Implementation Date: September 2008

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In September 2008, the University of Calgary raised a few eyebrows with its “UofC Guarantee” — but the program did not guarantee that all students would graduate. Instead, it offered incoming undergraduate students a roadmap to successful graduation within four years, a “mutual commitment” to ensure “timely progression toward graduation.”

UofC commits to provide a Graduation Guarantee advisor to offer prompt and effective advising, and the courses necessary for graduation within 4 years. If a student is unable to graduate in 4 years due to course availability, UofC will either give them early registration for a course, waive the course requirement, or waive the tuition fees for the course in a subsequent semester.

To quality for the UofC Guarantee, students must enrol full-time in Arts or Science, sign up for the Guarantee in advance, meet with the Advisor before and after registration each term, accept any available section, and remain in good academic standing (among other things).

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