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Implementation Date: March 2012

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Red Deer College, in Central Alberta, launched a microsite, for prospective students.  The site provided a free online Myers-Briggs-type personality assessment, providing a personality profile, a list of career paths in which those personality types tended to succeed, and of course, listing the programs at RDC that could get you on your way to the career of your choice.

A brilliant idea, which provides students more one-on-one career advice than they likely get from their overworked high school guidance counsellor!

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  1. Dave Wood
    May 1, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    Hi – I’m the president of TypeFocus Internet and the creator of the Find Your Match program being discussed here. I’m very proud of Red Deer College for being our first client to use this program; they won the prestigious 2013 Gold Paragon Award from the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations for student recruitment.

    I’ve always been connected with students and their future career plans and TypeFocus has developed several programs to help students discover more about their personality strengths and relate those strengths to future occupations that would be a good fit. There’s good research evidence to show that students who choose college/university programs that match their personality and interests do better – they finish faster and drop out less.

    I do hope that everyone gets to enjoy their working life to the max – by choosing work that “fits” with their natural strengths. When you work WITH your strengths, you’ll do better work with less stress.

    Cheers, Dave Wood

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