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Intense Residency “Boot Camp”

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Implementation Date: January 1995

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Royal Roads University, a public university in Victoria BC, launched with a unique mandate to provide undergraduate degree completion, and professional masters degrees, to working professionals.  Unlike most public institutions in the country, RRU knew precisely who its market was, and designed its programs and delivery modes to meet their needs: online programs, with short one- or two-week residency periods at RRU’s beautiful campus.  Each class of students spend a stint on campus with each other, working round the clock at an exhausting pace, making lifelong friends and creating remarkable social cohesion for a largely online institution.  As a result, students stay connected and support each other through their programs, and year after year Royal Roads graduates alumni who are passionate ambassadors for the institution.

This is certainly one possible delivery model for blended learning, and it seems ideal for students who are juggling full-time employment and/or family responsibilities.  It may also work well for institutions whose students are spread across the country or around the world.  Could intense residency weeks replace classroom time for other hybrid or blended learning courses?


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  1. September 16, 2013 at 11:13 am

    I am taking my MA in education and technology from RRU and the “residency” was a big hit with my cohort. People bond, it’s a lot of fun and of course, a lot of hard work as well. After the residency, the online components go much more smoothly because everyone knows who they are dealing with online making it far easier to assign group roles for an assignment, for example. Blended learning is definately a great idea!

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