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Good morning, and TGIF!

We’re a week into October now, a month in which we try to raise awareness of Dyslexia and Down Syndrome, Mental Health and Domestic Violence, Computer Learning and Cybersecurity, Fair Trade and Fire Prevention, Emotional Intelligence and ADHD, Breast Cancer and Black Cats! (I’ll also get in trouble at home if I fail to mention this is Canadian Library Month too!) 

Today specifically you can feel free to celebrate Cotton and Plaid, Forgiveness and Happiness, Bathtubs and Frappes. (But most of you will just knock off early for Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, of course!)

It’s been a week since my last email, and there’s been far too much going on in Eduvation Circles to sum up in a single newsletter. Instead, I’ll share some highlights, and again encourage you to join us there for free, so you can keep up in real time, and join the conversation!

Graphs of the Day

Every day I share at least one thought-provoking graph about demographics, enrolment, marketing, higher education or the labour market in the “New & Trends” Circle. In the past week, that’s included…

Apartment rents are skyrocketing across Canada, particularly in London (+37% since last year), Calgary (+30%), Burnaby (+22%) and Vancouver (+19%). Suddenly, CdnPSEs in these cities are looking a lot less affordable for out-of-town students.  Circles

Ontario is leaking population to other provinces as a result of those housing prices, even though immigration is still driving population growth.  Circles

Global uncertainty has been consistently rising since 2016, and the Harvard Business Review nicely captured its spikes (and causes) over the past 30 years.  Circles

So naturally, anxiety issues have been rising across CdnPSE campuses, and a new report from CACUSS distills the mental health correlates – like loneliness and social isolation. (98% of respondents indicated that students were experiencing pandemic fatigue, too.)  Circles

I also shared some key findings from a StudyPortals report forecasting international demand for university programs and identifying big opportunities where supply is inadequate. (Hint: pay attention to UX design, Data Science, AI and Supply Chain Management offerings.)  Circles

Tech News

When a new development catches my eye, I share breaking news on Circles too. Last week, that included a couple of interesting technology stories…

Tesla’s Optimus Robot was unveiled, which the notoriously unreliable Elon Musk claims will sell millions of units for “less than $20,000,” revolutionizing the labour market. We’ll see!  Circles

Self-Driving Trucks are on the road in Toronto for Loblaws already (although they’re not Teslas). They’ll be used for “middle mile” shipping between Loblaws own facilities, such as warehouses and stores.  Circles


I’ve also been sharing daily higher ed videos in the #ICYMI collection on Circles, too. These have included…

7 more notable and eccentric “Welcome Back” vids (to add to the 10 I collected previously).  #ICYMI

The University of Utah’s “Utah Fresh!” spot, which takes a delightful approach to convey the study abroad, experiential and field research opportunities available to undergrads in their first year.  #ICYMI

4 student testimonial videos from Algonquin College (out of a dozen) in the “I AM” series.  #ICYMI

And let me give you at least one direct link…

This :90 sec employee recruitment video from the University of California emphasizes diversity, benefits and making a difference for future generations. My favourite line? “If California can’t save the world, I don’t know who can!”  #ICYMI

All that and 6 more I’ll have to summarize next time! (Or, you can see them all free at your convenience in the #ICYMI collection on Circles!)

Marcom Circles

CdnPSE marketing and communications professionals, at every level, have been joining one or more premium Marcom Circles too. The resources and conversations there are exclusive to members, but here’s a snapshot of the past week…

I thought it was interesting that Durham College reportedly entered into a 10-year contract to purchase the naming rights for the Oshawa GO station. (It’s unclear whether it was $50,000 a year, $500,000 a year, or something in-between.)  Marcom Circle

I wasn’t quite sure what it meant that Royal Roads U bought a colour ad in the Globe & Mail to advertise “notice of nondiscriminatory policy as to students.” I shared a screen grab and am still waiting for someone to explain it to me.  Marcom Circle

I shared some breaking news in non-PSE marketing, like the Hudson’s Bay Company announcing (in a full-page ad) that all proceeds from its iconic blankets, “a symbol of colonialism,” will be turned over to a new Indigenous charitable trust.  Circles

There was also a new campaign platform for Havergal, and a new “Shine On” campaign for the Toronto YMCAthat could almost have been for PSE. (Certainly it treads very close to uLethbridge’s “Shine” branding.)

The 2022 Ontario Universities’ Fair was last weekend, and although I couldn’t attend myself, I shared more than 50 photos I collected from social media feeds to capture the look and feel of the event, and review the changes to institutional booths, graphics, video screens and print materials they revealed.  2022 OUF in Marcom Circle

In preparation for the OUF, a number of Ontario universities unveiled new student recruitment campaigns or even brand platforms. (Last week I mentioned Brock’s new “Break Through” positioning.)

Later, I shared a dozen samples and my overview of uWindsor’s new undergraduate recruitment campaign, “Thrive” – including the viewbook, microsite, video and marketing campaign. Brand Campaigns on Circles

I also reported on the brand refresh and fall campaign for Algoma U, with a look at its thunderbird icon, brand video, viewbook and OUF exhibit.  Brand Campaigns on Circles

Across the street from Algoma U (literally), Shingwauk Kinoomaage Gamig held the grand opening for their new campus during Truth and Reconciliation Week too. I summarized SKG’s history, positioning strategy, and a bit about its website and most recent recruitment video.  Brand Campaigns on Circles

Generalities about Generation Z are everywhere, but Horizon Media’s 65-page “Field Guide,” with some flashy graphics, caught my eye last week. They’ve formulated a dozen subcultures of Gen Z social media influencers, which I thought provided some helpful insights into Gen Z’s fascination with gaming, fashion, horror, cosplay, ASMR and much more. I summarized the 65 pages in a few hundred words.  Marcom Circle

I also summed up a new TerminalFour report on 5 TikTok strategies, the new 2022 Recruitment Survey from Ruffalo Noel Levitz, and held 2 Zoom Roundtables and an Ask Ken Anything virtual office hour too!

Finally, one marketing report that confirms Eduvation Circles is on the right track…

Digital Communities are apparently “the big idea in 2020s marketing,” according to McKinsey & Company. Marketers have moved from the “megaphone” to targeted 1:1 communications, and now on to engaging with online communities instead. I summarized McKinsey’s report and recommendations on creating a “community flywheel” effect – and added my own interpretations for CdnPSE specifically.  Marcom Circle


So that’s a taste of what you missed during the past week on Circles!

Before you get stuffed on turkey and pumpkin pie, perhaps you can take a few minutes to join me and hundreds of your most forward-looking peers around the virtual table at Eduvation Circles?

Have a peaceful, pleasant Thanksgiving everyone!


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