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2014 Higher Ed Headaches (Part 1)

Higher ed monitor and futurist Ken Steele reviews the ten biggest headaches confronting Canadian college and university public affairs practitioners in 2014. In part 1, he looks at acute headaches caused by campus crises and crime, data hacking, protests and fraud.

10) Violence and Crisis:
Bomb threats at SIAST and Red River College
Shooting at York University
Stabbings in Calgary

9) Data breaches and hacks:
uWaterloo applicant data exposed
Western student hacks CRA
UBC student banking data exposed
UNB student union website hacked by ISIS

8) Divestment from Fossil Fuels:
Canadian Youth Climate Coalition
Divest McGill
University of Toronto petition
University of Victoria faculty divestment
UBC faculty referendum
Divest Dal at Dalhousie
Concordia University sustainable investment fund

7) Censorship and Academic Freedom:
Intro – The Streisand Effect
Capilano University

6) Financial Fraud:
York University billing frauds
UBC Dentistry fraud

In case it needs saying: all opinions expressed herein are exclusively those of Ken Steele, and do not reflect the opinions of Academica Group Inc or Eduvation Inc. Details are drawn from published media reports in the public domain. Please advise if you spot any factual inaccuracies… or have suggestions so we can improve future episodes!

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