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The 2013 OCIF (in Video)

This October, Ken Steele spent a day at the Ontario Colleges Information Fair in Toronto, checking out college exhibits, talking to organizers, collecting print materials and impressions to share with you.  Based on positive feedback from this year’s podcast from the Ontario Universities Fair, he also took along video gear and videographer John Matthias, to make this blog more engaging than a written summary illustrated with photos (as in previous years:  2007 and 2009).  We learned from the OUF podcast experience, and invested heavily in wireless audio gear to cut down on ambient noise in our interviews on the trade show floor – and John’s experience at the NFB came in handy when it came to improving audio levels in the post-production phase.

In this 22-minute video podcast, Ken provides an overview of the larger college booths and exhibits, and speaks with 8 good sports (all of whom obviously have more TV interview experience than I have…).  Unlike the 3-day OUF, we had less than a day to capture the OCIF and once again, our sincere apologies to those individuals we didn’t have time to interview, and those colleges who get minimal mention.  (For section shortcuts, see below.)


When you’ve had a look, please comment below.  What did we miss?  Did we get any facts wrong?  What are your suggestions for next year’s podcast?


If you really don’t have 22 minutes:



David Agnew
Seneca College

Shawn Poland
AVP Advancement
Cambrian College

Dave Scott
Manager of Liaison and Recruitment
George Brown College

Carrie Truman
Manager of Student Recruitment
Fleming College

Capt Colin MacNeil
Coordinator, Marine Programs
Georgian College

Paul Papadopoulos
Professor, TV & New Media
Loyalist College

Blane Bell
Coordinator, Instrumentation &
Control Engineering Program

Fleming College

Joel Kowalski
Wilderness Tours
Algonquin College

Other Highlights

Performance Stage
George Brown College

Prize Vaults
George Brown College

Roulette Wheel
Centennial College

Money Booth
Humber College

Fleming College

3D Printer
Fleming College

Sudbury Streetscape
Cambrian College

Sheridan College

Marine Simulator
Georgian College

Greenscreen Stage
Loyalist College


View a couple of outtakes

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