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COVID-19: As PHO restrictions ease, Ken is starting to book some in-person events. For distributed campuses and a hybrid workforce, though, a virtual workshop can be more cost-effective and a safer bet – and Ken has been delivering keynotes, workshops and retreats using teleconferencing, realtime polling, and virtual whiteboard tools since 2016. Find out more 

Hopefully this website has given you a sense of the topics Ken can address (although every presentation is customized, and Ken can speak to a broad range of topics affecting all aspects of higher education).

You may want to check out details about Ken’s per diem and technical requirements. If your budget is limited, consider the potential of a distance-delivered workshop or keynote.

You might even want to do an interview for Ten with Ken while Ken is on your campus, or schedule a feature story about a program or facility you think is particularly innovative and noteworthy.

To discuss the possibilities further with Ken, please contact him at your convenience.


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