About Ken Steele

Ken Steele is Canada’s best-known higher ed futurist, speaker, facilitator, and consultant in branding, marketing and innovation. His wide-ranging perspective brings context to college and university strategic planning, positioning and enrolment management efforts, and has been shaped by award-winning careers as a Shakespeare scholar and instructor, technology consultant, brand strategist, entrepreneur, and de facto journalist.

Ken delivers conference keynotes, retreats, presentations and workshops to a broad range of audiences hundreds of times a year, from boards and senior administrators to faculty and support staff, student groups, concerned parents, government policy analysts, and Canada’s most powerful corporate CEOs. He sits on eCampus Ontario’s Virtual Learning Advisory Committee, and has consulted with hundreds of colleges and universities – from New England to New Zealand – helping them interpret market research, understand their competitive context, distill their institutional “Brand Chemistry,” and nurture a culture of innovation across campus.

Ken co-authored Canada’s first book on strategic enrolment management, and convenes three national roundtables of higher ed marketers. Some 30,000 viewers and readers have come to know him as a definitive source of breaking news, bright ideas, strategic foresight and thoughtful insight, through his daily and weekly newsletters and his video series Ten with Ken. In Fall 2022, Ken launched an exciting new virtual community for forward-looking higher ed professionals, Eduvation Circles, to provide real-time newsfeeds, resource collections, livestreams and masterclasses, and to allow the valuable conversations that start at his campus visits and conference presentations to continue year-round.

To join us in that dynamic conversation, please visit circles.eduvation.ca



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