Be Featured in Ten with Ken!

Ten with Ken (10K) highlights trends, innovations and bright ideas in higher ed administration, marketing, student services, programs, and pedagogy for more than 13,000 subscribers and followers on a dozen video and audio platforms. Our viewers and listeners span the English-speaking world, from New England to New Zealand.

Ken’s speaking and facilitation work brings him to hundreds of college and university campuses across North America. Now, he has started to record interviews and site visits on some of those trips, to feature in upcoming episodes of 10K.

Example Episodes

Identifying topics

If you’re bringing Ken to campus for a workshop, PD lecture, conference or board retreat, ask yourself these questions:

  • What does our institution do better than anyone in the country?
  • What are some innovations here that could serve as examples for other colleges or universities?
  • What innovative program or facility here is of real interest to my counterparts elsewhere?
  • Who on our campus is an engaging speaker on the subject of higher ed trends, the future of education, or nurturing a culture of innovation? (Often Ken interviews senior administrators, but leaders in student services, IT, teaching innovations, or VR are also welcome.)

Ken will work with you to identify particularly promising subjects that could fit into the planned 10K editorial calendar.

Video collaboration

Rather than doubling the cost of Ken’s visit to bring along a videographer, this model works by leveraging the considerable talent already on your campus. Host institutions provide one or more videographers with equipment, capture the interview or site visit, and share the raw footage to be edited into one or more future episodes of 10K. (Naturally, you can also utilize the footage for your own purposes as appropriate.) At some institutions, Ken has worked with marketing and video professionals on campus, while others have created a learning opportunity for talented students in journalism or media programs.

Technically, the approach can range from very simple (a single handheld camera on location) to quite sophisticated (3 cameras in a professional studio). Good quality audio is particularly important to capture dialogue onsite, however, so we should always be using at least one external microphone. “B-roll” video and stills can also help illustrate points from an interview, or show facilities from ideal angles or under ideal conditions.

Ultimately, Eduvation is responsible for final 10K editing and editorial decisions, of course, but our goal is to profile your institution and represent you well.

Making time

At a minimum, there will need to be 60-90 minutes free in Ken’s itinerary for the campus visit, in order to allow time to record a video interview onsite. For more complex feature stories, we may want to schedule an extra day onsite specifically for the video work. Your staff will be responsible for scheduling interview subjects, booking an appropriate setting, and providing video and audio equipment, staff or student volunteers.

Minimal Costs

For now, Ken offers 10K site visits as a value-added bonus to his clients, where his schedule permits. If it is necessary to extend his stay, you may incur extra accommodation expenses, but you will notbe charged an additional per diem.

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