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Microsoft acquires LinkedIn for $26 B

Microsoft acquires LinkedIn for $26 Billion

Expect integration of LinkedIn and MS Office/Outlook, more resources for online training,... Read more

Blackboard partners with IBM Watson

Blackboard partners with IBM Watson

IBM, Blackboard sign a strategic partnership: IBM will host worldwide data centres for Blackboard,... Read more

Employment Guarantee

The uRegina Guarantee promises students employment within 6 months, and encourages the use of student services. Read more

Student Services Street

UNBC brings together a wide range of student services under one roof as "Student Services Street." Read more

One-Stop Service Centre

uCalgary created a one-stop "Service Stop" to integrate a range of offices in Student & Enrolment Services. Read more

Cambrian Bucks

Cambrian College encourages PSE participation by offering at-risk youth up to $5,000 in "Cambrian Bucks." Read more

Graduation Guarantee

uCalgary guarantees undergrad students will graduate in 4 years, and won't be delayed by course availability. Read more

Elite Scholar’s Academy

uCalgary has an elite cohort of top-achieving students with unusual perks, from tartan scarves to a private lounge. Read more

Personal Enrolment Service

UBC has staffed up in enrolment services to provide every undergrad with a dedicated contact person. Read more

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