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New visual identity for Northern Lakes College

New visual identity for Northern Lakes College

The dynamic new logo replaces one from 1998, retaining the eagle as a symbol of strength and... Read more

Unfortunate acronyms for new ASSLaw / ASSOL

Unfortunate acronyms for new ASSLaw / ASSOL

Virginia’s George Mason University quickly adjusts the new name for its Antonin Scalia School... Read more

CNA Launches new brand, "indispensable" campaign

CNA launches new brand, “indispensable” campaign

Newfoundland’s College of the North Atlantic launches a new logo, which is sold, practical... Read more

SAIT launches new brand and name

Calgary’s SAIT Polytechnic drops the “p” word and begins rolling out a refreshing... Read more

Name-Dropping “Luminaries”

Trent's "Luminaries" campaign features alumni the likes of Yann Martel and Don Tapscott, and some visually striking photography. Read more

Click-thru Ads in Music Apps

Memorial University's 2013 recruitment campaign included Google AdWords, social media, and display ads within a music app. Read more

The Power of Dal

"The Power of Dal" is a visually striking, memorable campaign about researchers at Dalhousie. Read more

Wilkes Wants You!

Tiny Wilkes University spends $100,000+ to recruit each student in this memorable campaign. Read more


The University of Manitoba has defined a unique brand position for its "Trailblazers." Read more

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