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Recent Ontario Ideas

Cambrian Bucks

Cambrian College encourages PSE participation by offering at-risk youth up to $5,000 in "Cambrian Bucks." Read more

Mohawk College Enterprise

Mohawk College Enterprise is an arms-length company that licenses Mohawk College curricula. Read more

Learning in Virtual Environments

Loyalist College is a leader in creating virtual simulations for instruction in Second Life. Read more

Compressed “SuperCourses”

Brock University "supercourses" compress an 8-month course into just 2 weeks. Read more

Personalized Viewbooks

uOttawa will print you a custom viewbook, with the cover, programs, and activities of your choice. Read more

Do Your Happy Dance!

Brock University sent packets of confetti to celebrate its offers of admission. Read more

Learning Studios

George Brown College's new waterfront campus features flexible new "learning studio" spaces. Read more

Grad Action Figures

Mohawk College "packages" its students for employment - literally! - with a line of action figures. Read more

Free iPads

Collège Boréal equipped all incoming students with free iPads in September 2012 Read more

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