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Catch the latest episodes of Ken Steele’s “almost-weekly” ten-minute video webcast, Ten with Ken.

9 Forces for Change in Higher Education

Ken sums up the 9 key external pressures on colleges and universities for the next 2 decades, from demographics and funding challenges to evolving students, and rapid industry and workforce changes. Read more

The Higher Education Innovation Spectrum

In response to the 9 forces for change, colleges and universities are innovating in a multiplicity of ways: seeking efficiencies and scale, collaborating, generating new revenue streams, adapting teaching methods and student services, partnering with industry and innovating in programs, physical campus, and more. Read more

10 Ways to Nurture a Culture of Innovation

A dozen Ontario university presidents and senior administrators share their thoughts on how to nurture a culture of innovation on campus, in this 3-part series of Ten with Ken, shot on location at the 2017 Ontario Universities' Fair. Read more

Waterloo’s Innovation Ecosystem

While the “Ten with Ken” team was at the University of Waterloo to profile the Velocity incubator, we sat down with President & Vice-Chancellor Feridun Hamdullahpur to discuss the overall innovation ecosystem at what has been ranked Canada’s #1 most innovative university for the past 25 years. Read more

Innovative Thinking

Articles & White Papers

Read some of Ken’s published articles and white papers, including an overview of the Canadian PSE landscape, a defence of marketing in the academy, an introduction to institutional reputation and brand positioning, and thoughts on how colleges should prepare for 2025. Even download Canada’s first book on Strategic Enrolment Management!


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30,000 higher ed leaders have come to rely on Ken Steele as a definitive source for bright ideas and insight into higher ed innovation, pedagogy, branding and strategy. He is Canada’s most in-demand campus presenter, delivering hundreds of campus lectures and conference keynotes, and facilitating board retreats and workshops.  Learn More

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