Ebb Tides & Uncharted Waters

Navigating the New Era of Internationalization

3-6 hour workshop

Ebb Tides & Uncharted Waters

Canadian higher ed has enjoyed years of extraordinary momentum, becoming the world’s #1 favoured destination for international students. Still, even as the tide of applications surged, there were obvious undercurrents threatening turbulence in this increasingly vital revenue stream: geopolitical tensions and divides, national security concerns, currency fluctuations and rising global competition all warned the tides could turn at any moment. Ultimately, CdnPSE’s abrupt reversal of fortune was triggered by domestic politics in early 2024, with federal policies introducing a sea change and a whole new era for internationalization efforts. In the wake of Canada’s recruitment boom years, institutions must adjust their sails to navigate the winds of change – but they need not abandon the global mindset that has already broadened their horizons.

In this half- or full-day workshop, higher ed strategist Ken Steele will share his perspective on the ebb and flow of internationalization, and work with your leadership group to consider dozens of innovative global and transnational strategies, from collaborative partnerships and overseas micro-campuses to curriculum licensing and online programs. Your institution can weather the current doldrums, raise its global profile, reinforce its international connections, and preserve its capacity to pursue international opportunities again, when the winds inevitably change once more.


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