Quantum Leap

Rethinking Higher Education for the Age of AI

90-120 min keynote, Half- or Full-day workshop

Quantum Leap

From Gutenberg to the internet, new technologies have transformed the global economy, career opportunities and access to knowledge – but recent advances in artificial intelligence may force us to rethink much more fundamental aspects of the educational enterprise. Obviously, algorithms and machine learning are significantly optimizing everything from classroom allocation and enrolment management to campus security and energy efficiency. Programmatic advertising and generative AI are transforming social media engagement, automating email marketing, and increasing the capacity of time-strapped communicators. New AI chatbots and assistants are going well beyond FAQs, to provide students and prospects with 24/7, personalized and conversational supports and services. Adaptive textbooks and autonomous tutors are leading students through curriculum and assessing their mastery of skills and content in real time. AI is accelerating scientific research exponentially, completing decades of work in mere days, and even stretching the limits of what we consider actually knowable – from cataloguing exoplanets and predicting earthquakes to translating animal speech. Students and employers recognize that automation is rapidly changing the labour market, driving the evolution of PSE program offerings and learning outcomes. AI deepfakes and avatars are driving revolutions in communication, and an explosion in misinformation and manipulation. And despite their limitations, LLMs like ChatGPT and Gemini are transforming our understanding of research and writing, and upending traditional approaches to assessing student achievement. Ultimately, the “AI generation” will need some uniquely human competencies to survive and thrive in the years to come – and higher education will need to rethink its academic programs, credentials, and even the purpose of education itself.

Futurist Ken Steele has hours of rich, dynamic content about up-to-the-moment innovations in AI and implications for humanity, society and the workforce – as well as for campus operations, services, recruitment, research, teaching and assessment. Based on your audience, priorities, and the time available, he can share examples of breakthrough technologies, best practice, and fascinating pilot projects at colleges and universities worldwide, and engage your group in quick polls, breakout discussions or even hands-on practice using AI tools. Whether you opt for a keynote presentation, interactive workshop or full-day retreat, participants will be exposed to some eye-opening trends and exciting possibilities for these emerging technologies, and will be left more curious and open to experimenting with new tools.


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