Teaching & Learning in a Virtual Age

Post-COVID Pedagogy

60-180 min keynote presentation or workshop

Teaching & Learning in a Virtual Age

In a few short weeks in late March 2020, a novel Coronavirus shut down lecture halls and seminar rooms, labs and field schools, and pushed millions of students, faculty and instructors into a brave new world of emergency remote teaching. COVID-19 accomplished in mere days what scholars of teaching and learning, curriculum designers and technology advocates could not manage in decades – but there is widespread agreement that colleges and universities will need to make significant investments in faculty PD, technology and pedagogy supports in order to meet student expectations and support their academic success in the year ahead.

Higher ed faces demands for change from all sides: students want more flexible, career-relevant and experiential programs; provincial governments want expanded access and enhanced student success, while also demanding ever-greater efficiencies and measurable outcomes, even while students arrive less prepared and requiring more supports than ever; the federal government is encouraging more applied research, commercialization and economic impact; employers want more “job-ready” graduates; and faculty want to maintain personal and professional quality of life.

The time and technology have come to open our minds to consider online and flexible hybrid delivery, gamification and simulations, virtual reality, interdisciplinary courses, active and experiential learning, intelligent textbooks and adaptive learning platforms, competency-based credentials and expanded transcripts incorporating co-curriculars, work experience, and badges.

In this dynamic, visual and media-rich session, Ken synthesizes a vast array of up-to-the-moment research data, trends, news and forecasts to provide his most radical “big picture” view of some potential future directions of higher education programs, pedagogy, and credentials. If colleges and universities want to be truly student-centred economic drivers, Ken raises some fundamental and startling questions that need to be considered, and shares examples of institutions that have already begun to move in these directions.

Ken Steele is Canada’s leading higher education monitor and futurist. He co-founded Academica Group, created the Academica Top Ten, manages Eduvation Inc, co-authored Canada’s first book on enrolment management, publishes a daily email newsbrief the Eduvation Insider, and hosts a weekly webcast, Ten with Ken, that reaches thousands of subscribers on a dozen platforms. Ken brings his unique perspective and insight to a broad range of audiences, from faculty and instructors, boards and senior administration, to information technology staff, concerned parents, and Canada’s most powerful corporate CEOs.


Ken has been blogging extensively on the COVID19 pandemic. Here are some relevant examples, for a sense of Ken’s approach and as potential pre-reading for participants:

Here are some relevant episodes of 10K, for a sense of Ken’s approach and as potential examples to share with participants in advance:



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