COVID-19 Coverage

For starters, make sure you know the 5 key concepts everyone should understand about this pandemic:

Eduvation has been monitoring the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic on higher education, and the responses of Canadian colleges and universities:

COVID-19 on Campus

The latest COVID-19 news at 80 Canadian college and university campuses. See our full spreadsheet of data or our archive of daily updates here.


The Scale of the Pandemic

Epidemiologists and Economists project the duration of the COVID-19 shutdowns.


Immediate Impacts of COVID-19

In spring 2020, studies were disrupted, events cancelled, and campuses closed.


Read our COVID & Enrolment white paper (PDF)

Our analysis of 18 surveys and 54,000 students and prospective students looks at their intentions to defer enrolment this fall.


Near-Term Impacts of COVID-19

In any scenario, COVID-19 will have a massive impact on the 2020-21 academic year.


Announcements about Fall 2020

By mid-May, half of Canadian institutions had announced plans for the Fall term. We analyze 87 institutional responses and look for patterns.


Near-Term Strategic Priorities

Institutions need to start planning now for a very different Fall and Winter term.


Lasting Impacts of COVID-19

How might higher ed change permanently because of Coronavirus pandemic?


Institutions are finding novel ways to celebrate the class of 2020, from livestreams to drive-ins, robots to swag. (Also available as a white paper…)

Read our COVID & Convocations white paper (PDF)

Our COVID19 & Convocation white paper puts the ideas in a handy PDF format.


Crisis Communications

We look at the ways in which campus communicators responded to the pandemic.


COVID Videos

From presidential updates to mascots social distancing, and parody music videos.


Inspiring Words in a Crisis

Campus leaders share words of optimism and hope.


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