Feridun Hamdullahpur, President & Vice-Chancellor, University of Waterloo

Feridun Hamdullahpur

“Thank you for your excellent presentation at my annual Board of Governors’ retreat. I wanted the Governors to hear about what’s happening in our higher education world today, what are the external forces and influences that can, and will, disrupt our relatively slow moving sector. You did a great job of very clearly identifying the trends, challenges and issues from various perspectives; students specifically and society in general. I, along with the members of the Board, very much enjoyed it and learned from it. It was educating, insightful and to my personal liking, even provocative.”

Ian Holloway, Dean, University of Calgary Law School

Ian Holloway, Dean

“A year and a half ago, we at Calgary embarked on the process of re-doing our strategic plan. At the beginning of the process, our working group spent an afternoon with Ken Steele, the founder of Eduvation, a higher education consulting firm (and a first-rate one). It was one of the most professionally enervating days of my life. For what Ken helped us realize was that, rather than writing a strategic plan, we were helping draft a new chapter in our institutional narrative.”

Steven Cairns, Conference Co-chair, NICHE 2017

Steven Cairns

“Thank you for delivering such a thought-provoking presentation for the NICHE conference participants. Having you join us remotely worked very well and was mentioned by several people as a highlight of the conference. The discussion tied in with eCampus Ontario made an impression and inspires several directions to move forward.”

Drew Ness, Dean International, Humber College

Drew Ness

“Ken was a tremendous asset to the success of our Humber International retreat, not only for his skillful leadership of the workshop, but also for his exceptional planning and workshop development skills.  Highly recommended!”

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