Carl Still, President, St Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan

“Your presentation was a goldmine of information on ways that Canadian and other universities are innovating and gives us lots to consider adopting as part of our practices… It was a privilege to have you with us, in a highly effective virtual format, and we will continue to unpack your very rich presentation for some time.”

Alice Wainwright-Stewart, President & CEO, Lakeland College

Alice Wainwright-Stewart

“Ken’s presentations are always simultaneously inspiring and thought-provoking, summarizing the constant change impacting our post-secondary system, while conveying the urgency of moving forward, and stretching our minds to imagine what we can accomplish at our institution.”

Tony Gray, Chief Executive, Ara Institute of Canterbury

Tony Gray

“The Ara Council (plus other colleagues present) were absolutely delighted with the session with you and most definitely have gained a lot from it based on the discussion that continued after you left us…  Thanks again for a great session and the follow up material.”

Al Wiseman, University Secretary, University of the Fraser Valley

Al Wiseman, UFV

“UFV engaged Ken for a 2-hour [virtual] presentation for our Board of Governors to give them an overview of the most current trends in Canadian higher education and governance. Ken had their attention the whole time, and the members raved about how helpful his work was in understanding the Canadian context.”

Angus Graeme, President & CEO, Selkirk College

Angus Graeme

Ken is an engaging and inspiring presenter! Sessions for faculty and staff, senior leadership, board members and our strategic planning committee were packed with research findings, trends, forecasts, and thought-provoking ideas that challenged and engaged us all – and with lasting impact!  We are still discussing his presentations as we develop plans for the future at Selkirk College.”

Rufus Glasper, President and CEO, League for Innovation in the Community College

Rufus Glasper

“The attendees at the League for Innovation conference in Gaylord Harbor represented the full spectrum of community college personnel including presidents, vice presidents, faculty and staff.  There were many takeaways in Ken’s presentation that will assist members of our audience in addressing the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in our ever-changing educational environment.”

Jason Dewling, President, LaSalle College Vancouver

“Ken is a masterful presenter!  I’ve been able to hear him 5 or 6 times over the past 10 years, and he consistently adds new insights and content to his presentations.  Ken’s impact on our staff was tremendous; several moved ideas into action the very next day!”

Steven Robinson, Interim President & Vice-Chancellor, Brandon University

Steven Robinson

“Thanks for this, Ken!  It was a great presentation and I’d say our retreat was a success. [The slides] will be a really helpful resource for the Board in mulling over what we learned from you.”

Dr Larry Rosia, President & CEO, Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Larry Rosia

“Ken Steele was instrumental in supporting the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Senior Management Team in orientation of our newly appointed Members of the Board of Directors regarding trends and issues affecting the post-secondary sector.  With his engaging style and extensive knowledge of higher education, Ken was informative and thought-provoking.  The Board and Senior Leadership Team were inspired by Ken’s energizing presentation, and the effective manner in which it was delivered.”

Feridun Hamdullahpur, President & Vice-Chancellor, University of Waterloo

Feridun Hamdullahpur

“Thank you for your excellent presentation at my annual Board of Governors’ retreat. I wanted the Governors to hear about what’s happening in our higher education world today, what are the external forces and influences that can, and will, disrupt our relatively slow moving sector. You did a great job of very clearly identifying the trends, challenges and issues from various perspectives; students specifically and society in general. I, along with the members of the Board, very much enjoyed it and learned from it. It was educating, insightful and to my personal liking, even provocative.”

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