Surfing the Waves of Change

“Tubular” Opportunities in Turbulence

90-120 min keynote or 2-3 hour workshop

Surf the Waves of Change

In turbulent times, visionary leaders and their committed crews recognize the winds of change, reset their sails and change course as necessary. The past few years have disrupted our work, study, family and social lives, magnified pre-existing inequities and vulnerabilities, and accelerated the evolution of technological change. Labour market shifts and automation are driving continuous innovation in our programs. Our students’ diverse hardships and challenges have prompted more flexible policies and procedures, more intense student coaching, bridging and onboarding programs, and more extensive service hours and channels. Instructors and students alike have come to value new pedagogies, technologies and resources, while also appreciating the unique affordances of gathering face-to-face on campus.

The pandemic has ushered in an era of unprecedented uncertainty, and a more fluid future for higher ed that will blend disciplines, drive more flexible services and credentials, and blur the lines between online and on-campus, learning and work, virtual and reality.

Despite the challenges of chaos, times of turbulence and crisis are also moments of opportunity for nimble institutions and departments to regroup, rethink our strategies and markets, and refocus our resources. In this dynamic session, higher ed futurist Ken Steele will attempt to still some of the current chaos, provide a long-range view toward the horizon, and help your team or audience appreciate the emerging opportunities for themselves and their institutions.


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