The Future is Fluid

Higher Education in Turbulent Times

90-120 min keynote or 2-3 hour workshop

The Future is Fluid

Pandemics have disrupted universities in centuries past, evacuating campuses and challenging institutional operations – but ultimately, the academy has survived and emerged transformed by the experience. COVID19 has been a once-in-a-century disruption for education at all levels, which has magnified pre-existing inequities and vulnerabilities, and accelerated long-term social and technological trends. It has also ushered in an era of unprecedented uncertainty, and going forward, business and academic continuity will demand flexible, lower density approaches and an integrated, omnichannel approach to student services, scholarship and learning.

Higher education leaders will need to guide their institutions through great uncertainty into a future that will be fluid in numerous intersecting ways, blending disciplines, modalities and calendars, and offering increasingly flexible services, disciplines and credentials. In this fast-paced virtual presentation, higher ed futurist Ken Steele will calm some of the current turbulence, and provide a long-range view of the increasingly fluid future that lies ahead.


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