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Eduvation at a Glance  Aug 23 2016

Algonquin pulling out of Saudi Arabia  Saudi enrolments in US declining precipitously  Persian Gulf may be uninhabitable by 2090

Eduvation at a Glance  July 20 2016

Pokémon GO popularizes augmented realityBlackboard partners with IBM WatsonMicrosoft acquires LinkedIn for $26 BNew visual identity for Northern Lakes College


Eduvation at a Glance  June 8 2016

uCalgary pays $20K bitcoin for email cyber ransom

"In the round" classrooms engage students up close

$4M program to recruit 67 students to "Study North"

"Superman" Memory Crystals will likely outlast Humanity

Rihanna launches international scholarships


Eduvation at a Glance  May 11 2016

Meet VIV, the intelligent interface for everything

AI Tutor at Georgia Tech passes the Turing test

MIT Online Ed report urges "Learning Engineers"

Triple MOOC engagement via Facebook Groups

Virtual Field Trips on Mars Experience Bus


Eduvation at a Glance  May 4 2016

George Brown opens YouTube Creator Space
Unfortunate acronyms for new ASSLaw / ASSOL
Open access science journal FACETS launches
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CNA Launches new brand, "indispensable" campaign


Eduvation at a Glance  April 27 2016

Concordia University of Edmonton Goes Public

Online Historical Atlas reveals migration patterns

New & Hot Programs at Ontario Universities
"Inhumane resources" brochure for adjunct jobs
AI instantly generates Video from Text

Eduvation at a Glance  April 14 2016

Coursera bundles MOOCs into MBAs
U of Phoenix lays off 470 more employees
Affordable "Nano Suites" coming to UBC by 2019
Virtual Reality Admission Letters from USC
Check out more than 40 previous episodes!Queen's unveils ReFlex flexible smartphone

Eduvation at a Glance  April 6 2016

UoPeople & UC Berkeley announce articulation


UC Irvine launches Varsity e-Sports
SAIT launches new brand and name
Microsoft AI Chatbot learns worst of humanityTen Kinds of April Foolery on higher ed campuses

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