Enrolment Management

Ken Steele has spent the past two decades interpreting market research and working with a hundred colleges and universities to develop effective brand strategies, recruitment marketing and outreach strategies, and retention initiatives to achieve and maintain optimal enrolment.  He co-authored Canada’s first book on Strategic Enrolment Management, and has authored a series of white papers summarizing applicant data for specific program areas.  He has a number of presentations that can be customized as keynotes, workshops or retreats with your senior leadership, SEM committee, recruitment or marketing personnel:

Ken showed up on our BC campus at 8PM after a flight from Ontario and didn’t lose a minute — working a faculty gathering for information all evening. He then plunged into a day and a half of meetings with a perspicacity unmatched in my experience, emerging with a thorough understanding of who we are and what we needed. His tactical and strategic recommendations helped lead to a 51% increase in enrolment this fall, and he continues to help us spread the word about our new University long after his contract was up.

Dr. David J. Helfand, President, Quest University Canada

Ken has provided critical consultancy as we look to understand our current and future student milieu; then, and perhaps of even greater value, he has provided critical facilitation as we look at ourselves in reaction to those understandings. We are much the better for Ken’s insights and counsel.

Gerry Kendal, Vice-Provost & Registrar, University of Alberta


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