Campus Quality of Life

Fostering Staff & Student Productivity


There is steadily growing worldwide recognition of the crucial importance of “quality of life” to support effective, efficient and innovative educational and work environments for students and employees alike. The lived experience on campus, physical and social, is an increasingly critical differentiator and competitive advantage. World-class institutions are intensifying their attention to mental and physical health, nutrition, work-life balance, social and academic engagement. Best practices in campus planning are creating pedestrian-friendly green spaces, cutting-edge labs and classrooms, interactive libraries, modern comfortable dorms, and social “third spaces.” A holistic “quality of life” framework recognizes how employee innovation and student success alike are shaped by convenient services, nurturing environments, social engagement, physical and mental health, and a sense of personal direction. To attract and retain top faculty, staff and students, in an increasingly competitive global marketplace, schools are realizing that attention to campus quality of life in all its forms, can pay dividends in enrolment, reputation and perceived brand value.

Ken Steele is Canada’s leading higher education monitor and futurist. He co-founded Academica Group, created the Academica Top Ten, manages Eduvation Inc, co-authored Canada’s first book on enrolment management, and hosts a weekly webcast, Ten with Ken, that reaches thousands of subscribers on a dozen platforms. Ken brings his unique perspective and insight to a broad range of audiences, from faculty and instructors, boards and senior administration, to information technology staff, concerned parents, and Canada’s most powerful corporate CEOs.

In a fast-paced interactive workshop or lecture, Ken Steele can share global and North American research, best practices, and promising innovations to enhance campus life for staff, faculty, international students, or diverse students of all kinds. He can also guide your leadership or participants from the broader campus community in dialogue about the current quality of life of campus, and potential ways to enhance efficiency, innovation, research output, student recruitment and/or retention.

Barry Telford, Sodexo

“Great presentation…..insightful, engaging, dynamic and on point. Ken has a very special ability to synthesize through mountains of data looking for insights, and within the insights he is able to demonstrate opportunities. Outstanding!”

Barry Telford, CEO of Sodexo Universities North America West, & President of Sodexo Canada

Drew Ness

“Ken was a tremendous asset to the success of our Humber International retreat, not only for his skillful leadership of the workshop, but also for his exceptional planning and workshop development skills.  Highly recommended!”

Drew Ness, Dean International, Humber College

Here are some relevant episodes of 10K, for a sense of Ken’s approach and as potential examples to share with participants in advance:



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