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No question, social media platforms have challenged higher ed communications and public affairs offices like never before.  Instead of a single channel for media releases and official comment, every campus now has thousands of faculty and students with their own websites, blogs, YouTube channels, Twitter feeds, Facebook groups, and online petitions.  Traditional media outlets, now short-staffed and short on time, are increasingly using Twitter and online petitions to identify and even research stories.  And the mis-steps of faculty, students and administrators can create six-figure PR nightmares for institutions.

Over recent years we’ve seen sexist and homophobic posts cost faculty their tenure.  We’ve seen misogynistic Facebook groups or fake white student unions have a major negative impact on institutional reputations and brands.  We’ve seen students tweet photos of unappetizing residence food that earns national headlines.

But we’ve also seen institutions use social media well to connect with current and prospective students, to interface with alumni, to create viral attention and momentum for student recruitment campaigns.

Ken Steele is a social-media-savvy marketer with two decades of experience in communications, media relations, and higher education specifically. He brings his unique perspective to bear in this entertaining keynote presentation, summing up some relevant and recent examples of touchdowns and fumbles in social media, particularly by college and university communicators, faculty, administrators and students.

For a sense of Ken’s perspective, check out these episodes of his podcast:

Ken can also work with you to develop a half-day or full-day workshop on social media best practices and strategies, for your marketing communications staff or anyone on campus who wants to be active in the social media realm.





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