The Guild


The Canadian Colleges & Institutes Marketing & Communications Leaders Guild (aka “the Guild”) was established in 2016 as an invitation-only group comprised of marketing and communications leaders from a select number of Canada’s largest public colleges, polytechnics, and institutions of technology and applied learning.

Purpose: A Community of Practice

The Guild provides a forum for members to share ideas and information, discuss issues of mutual importance, learn from and support one another through dynamic and – most importantly – confidential conversation.


All members and participants in online Guild meetings, email exchanges, and in-person discussions must acknowledge that members are sharing sometimes sensitive, confidential or proprietary information that must not be publicly disclosed without explicit permission. Recordings of the online sessions must not be shared with anyone other than primary and secondary contacts at current member institutions.


  • Quarterly facilitated online roundtable sessions
  • Recordings of online sessions after the fact
  • Annual face-to-face Summit
  • Email discussion list
  • Private LinkedIn group
  • Shared online folder for files
  • Member contact directory

Institutional Membership

Guild membership is institutionally based, with broad geographic market representation across Canada. Polytechnic institutions are automatically invited to join as members, while other large colleges across the country will be chosen for their regional representation. Existing member institutions (see Appendix A) remain members in good standing so long as they pay their annual membership fee.

New institutional members may be invited by existing members, or approach the facilitator or co-chairs to request consideration for membership.  Additional members will be ratified by majority vote in a poll of existing members. In general, member institutions should:

  • be Canadian;
  • be primarily publicly funded and not for profit;
  • have a minimum annual full-time student body of 7,500;
  • have strength in applied research and industry innovation;
  • offer a practical approach to education; and,
  • enrol local, regional, national and international students.

Any institution wishing to withdraw from the Guild is requested to provide the co-chairs with sixty days’ notice prior to the end of the calendar year.

Individual Members & Contacts

Each institution must identify a Primary Member and a secondary contact, to help ensure continuity and attendance, and provide additional perspective from the institution. The primary member is the official representative of the institution and the only member with voting rights on key matters such as new memberships, appointment of co-chairs, or amending these terms of reference. The primary member must:

  • be a senior administrator, with some form of budget and personnel oversight, within their institution (i.e., typical titles to include VP / AVP / ED / CMO / Director / Senior Manager), and;
  • play a significant role in the leadership of Marketing and/or Communications function (which may or may not also include events, media, alumni, web, recruitment, etc.) at their institution.

When primary members or secondary contacts leave their institution or roles, the Guild facilitator will identify replacement contacts at the member institution. Whenever possible, primary members are encouraged to provide the Guild with advance notice and to provide contact information for their successors. Members may also invite other employees of their institution to attend online meetings when their responsibilities or expertise seem particularly relevant, so long as they respect the Guild’s confidentiality terms.


Two member co-chairs provide guidance to the Guild facilitator on administrative and financial decisions, policy development, and polls of the membership. They also finalize meeting topics/agendas, and help guide discussion and moderate conversation at the online meetings and in-person Summit.

Co-chairs are appointed for overlapping 2-year terms commencing January 1 (see Appendix B). Any primary member in good standing may volunteer to serve as a co-chair by contacting the facilitator prior to November 1. Where 2 or more primary members volunteer in a given year, a poll will be conducted of the primary members to elect one. Co-chairs must give notice by November 1 if they are unable to complete their term, or wish to stand for re-election for another term.


Guild meetings are organized and facilitated in partnership with Ken Steele, president of Eduvation Inc. Ken moderates group meetings and oversees group administration. Eduvation provides teleconference hosting, administrative and technical support, polling and analysis of group members, research and topic preparation, facilitation and (as appropriate) presentation during the sessions. Eduvation provides audio/ video recordings of each online meeting to current members, along with supporting documents such as notes, slides, reports or research. Guild members have access to an online folder of resource files, and a group email address, for ongoing group dialogue.

Regular Meetings

The Guild meets at least four times per year. These quarterly meetings are 90-minute sessions, facilitated via web conference technology, based on topics selected by poll. Members and contacts have the opportunity at least twice per year to suggest potential topics and to vote on priority topics via email or online surveys. Each meeting agenda includes time for any other emergent discussion or new business. Guild members may agree to additional web or in-person meetings, which may impact annual membership dues. Meetings are typically scheduled in February, April, September and November. Specific meeting dates are determined by polling members and contacts for their availability.

Annual Summit

Contingent on member, sponsor and host support, the Guild will also organize an annual face-to-face Summit during the summer months between online meetings. The Summit provides Guild members with the opportunity to gather in person, share knowledge and experiences more intensively, and interact more informally than during the online meetings. The location, date, and duration of the Summit will be determined by polling members and contacts for their availability and preferences. The Summit program will be organized collaboratively by the Guild facilitator, co-chairs, and leadership from the host institution(s), potentially with input from the membership. The program may include some combination of presentations, panel discussions, roundtables, campus tours, social activities and unstructured networking time. Each member institution is entitled to send up to two delegates to the Summit at no additional charge, as those conference fees will be included in the annual membership costs. (Summit delegates will be limited to a total of two times the number of member institutions, to ensure it retains the benefits of intimacy and confidentiality.) Budget and finances of the Summit will be administered by Eduvation on behalf of the Guild, potentially including ground transportation, social activities, member and vendor sponsorships.

Annual Fees

Eduvation Inc. will invoice member institutions annually on a calendar-year basis for their membership in the Guild. These fees pay for facilitation services, administration and technology, and may be adjusted annually depending upon the scope of Guild activities, subject to ratification by the membership. Currently annual fees include all member benefits for up to two contacts, and attendance for two at the annual Summit. New members must pay the annual fee, or a pro-rated amount based on the time of year, within sixty days of joining the Guild.

Terms of Reference

These terms of reference were circulated to the Guild membership on February 11 2020, discussed and approved unanimously at an online meeting on February 21 2020.

Guild members may propose additions, deletions or changes to these terms of reference at any time. Proposed revisions will be discussed and approved by group members through a majority vote before being accepted or rejected. The Guild will remain in operation until the members, either current or future, vote to cease operations.

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