Expanding Horizons, Opening Minds

Inspiring Global Engagement

Horizons380As campuses have become more cosmopolitan, faculty research more international, and younger generations more globally connected, rates of study abroad have remained disappointingly low in many countries, including Canada.  Online, millennial youth effortlessly participate in a global world, but in sharp contrast, their academic and career ambitions are almost always tethered by geography.  In this fast-paced presentation, Ken Steele will explore the challenge of nurturing global ambitions in the mindset of the millennial generation, weaving together recent market research, best practices, and examples drawn from contemporary culture and marketing. The audience will get to contribute their own ideas in real time too, so be sure to bring a smartphone, tablet or laptop in order to access the online polls during the presentation.  We will collectively share the insights, inspiration, and motivation it will take to broaden the horizons of our students, and prepare them to engage with a global world.

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