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For almost 2 decades, forward-looking higher ed leaders have turned to Ken Steele as a source for breaking news and emerging trends, forecasts and commentary. Eduvation has published blogs, white papers, email newsletters and web videos, and Ken has delivered keynote addresses, conference presentations and campus lectures.

But in addition to producing insightful and entertaining content, Ken has also served as a convenor of dialogue – facilitating retreats, workshops, and panel discussions, managing national roundtables of higher ed marketers, and even planning virtual and in-person conferences. Now, Eduvation has developed a platform to scale that engagement and provide a 24/7 resource to the sector.

We call it Eduvation Circles. This dynamic new platform will allow you to engage with Ken’s latest content in real-time, but also to engage in live chat, threaded conversations, livestreams, events and more – with Ken, but even more significantly, with concentric and overlapping circles of your peers. What’s more, you can choose to follow specific topics, and customize real-time notifications using a browser or mobile apps – or opt for a single daily email digest, personalized to your interests!



At launch in Fall 2022, you can choose between several levels of progressively more powerful engagement:



Reader CircleIf you’re a loyal subscriber to the Eduvation Insider newsletter, you’ll want to migrate with us to this more dynamic and flexible platform. Join Eduvation’s “Readers Circlefree, and get real-time access to news, trends, and #ICYMI videos, as well as Ken’s blogs and Ten with Ken episodes.



Inner CircleOr, join Eduvation’s “Inner Circle and stay abreast of emerging news and trends affecting higher education, straight from futurist Ken Steele – plus engage the community in conversation through comments, posts, chat and polls, and join Ken for exclusive livestream events at no extra charge! Insiders will have access to exclusive conversation and an expanding range of resources. The Inner Circle will be free for at least 6 months.


Check out more details in the Circles Brochure at right, or jump right in!


Marcom Circles

Marcom CirclesNo matter their level of experience or responsibility, higher education marketing, communication, public affairs, recruitment, enrolment, social media, branding and web professionals can now engage with a circle of their peers, too! The Marcom, Guild, CMO and MC Mastermind Circles offer threaded conversations, exclusive resources, livestreams, chat, Zoom sessions and more, starting at just $40/month. (And institutions can sign up 4 or more members at steep discounts!)

Read the brochure (at right) for more details on Marcom Circles,
or contact Ken Steele to join today!


Eduvation Circles are evolving quickly, and many additional perks and resources are likely to be added in the months ahead. (That’s one good reason for the free trial periods.) We’re also likely to launch even more Circles dedicated to specific PSE audiences – so stay tuned!


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