Surf Camp 101

Rad Skills for a Fluid Future

1-3 hour workshop

Surf Camp 101

This interactive workshop picks up where Ken Steele’s “Surfing the Waves of Change” keynote left off, considering the implications of turbulent times and the emerging opportunities for institutional strategies, enrolment, marketing and student services. But we’ll also wade into the fundamentals of nurturing entrepreneurial thinking and an innovation mindset – for yourself, your team, and the broader campus community – so that you can surf the crests and curls with confidence, leveraging the awesome currents of change without getting “wiped out.”

To identify and pursue the most “righteous” opportunities, you’ll inevitably have to overcome longstanding traditions of academic risk-aversion and hypercriticism, fierce competition for limited resources, and deep-rooted anxieties about “rocking the boat.” But the world’s most innovative organizations bring diverse perspectives to bear, unlock the creativity and drive of entrepreneurial thinkers, provide them with resources and time to experiment, and foster a climate of trust, curiosity and adventure where bold new ideas can bubble to the top and truly flourish. With a bit of effort, talent, and luck, you’ll leave this session better prepared to “hang ten” with the best of them, using some actionable techniques to contribute to a more nimble and entrepreneurial institution!


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