Marcom Circles

At any level of experience and responsibility, now you can engage with a circle of your peers in higher ed marketing, communications, branding, enrolment management and recruitment, facilitated personally by Ken Steele!

5 Years of Proven Value

Since Ken convened his first virtual gathering of CMOs in February 2017, the combination of real-time news and insight, regular Zoom roundtable discussions, shared file resources, ongoing email dialogue, and in-person gatherings has proven its value. In the 5 years since that first informal gathering of a half-dozen colleagues, more than 100 marcom leaders at about 40 Canadian institutions have joined one or more Eduvation roundtables.

The Next LevelMarCom Circles Brochure

As of Fall 2022, we launched Eduvation Circles as an integrated user-friendly platform to consolidate file sharing, newsfeeds, Zoom schedules, group chat, polls and private direct messaging. For a quick overview, check out the video above.

The Circles platform also allows for a number of individual and institutional membership levels, with fees payable annually or monthly by credit card, and even the option of a free trial! For more detailed information about MarCom roundtables, please check out the brochure at right.



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